Evolutionary Elementalism post January 2016 errata

The first errata of 2016 was spoiled today and it hit like a ton of bricks. We all knew the theme force of Evolutionary Elementalism was going to be “fixed” but I don’t think anyone expected this.

For those unaware, tier one and tier four benefits were swapped.

What this means is that now in order to get the golden benefit of cheaper warbeasts your list MUST include a Mountain King.

Now before you gnash your teeth and pull out your hair, let’s actually look at a post errata Evolutionary Elementalism list:

Calandra Truthsayer +5

Trollkin Runebearer -2

Mountain King -19

Pyre Troll -4

Winter Troll -4

Storm Troll -4

Slag Troll -5

Slag Troll -5

Slag Troll -5

Troll Whelps -2

Krielstron Bearer & Stone Scribes -4

-Stone Scribe Elder -1

The first thing you’ll notice is that instead of getting +11 free points by spamming light warbeasts the list now only grants a +7 point advantage. What does this mean? Well, it means that instead of getting a ridiculous advantage you now get a great advantage. I mean, Vayl 2’s Machinations of Shadow only grants a +6 point advantage; I think seven is pretty damn fair if you ask me.

The second thing you’ll see is nineteen points of chunky monkey Mountain King. The Mountain King has always been the fat kid at school who gets picked last in gym. Give him a chance guys! And before you can stick your tongue out at me, what I mean is give him a chance with Calandra’s errata’d theme force. It’s definitely going to be worse in some situations (cryx matchup) but it may prove better in others. For example, one of Calandra’s weaknesses is her survivability. Think how much safer you will feel with this huge ass blocking line of sight for you.

A final silver-lining that can’t be overlooked is that Troll players will be less likely to encounter someone’s “EE counter list”. Calandra’s warbeast spam is dead as far as every non-troll player is concerned. Take advantage of their ignorance and shove six lights and a gargantuan in their face. Laugh as they search desperately for their Doom Reavers they left at home. So don’t give up Troll players.

Be tough!




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