An Economic Guide to Warcasters and Warlocks

Micah Walker

Wargamer, miniature painter, and now blogger for Midwest Wargaming. I love crunching numbers, and I can nearly guarantee that my articles will be the most boring, but you will learn something, damn it!

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  1. aniron says:

    I like these analyses. Would it be possible to rank the casters by what a typical 75p tournament list (in theme) with that caster costs, as opposed to just the BG?

    • Micah Walker says:

      Working on that right now actually! One of the reasons I had to analyze the casters was so I could plug them into themes. I was using average caster data, but your comment made me think of maybe also just using the three most likely casters to run a theme, as more specific examples. For instance, I have the analysis for Protectorate themes done, and Thrya loves running the Flameguard theme. I’d probably look at Karchev and Harkevich for Jaws of the Wolf when I do Khador.

      Also, if you ever want to know more of the stats of a specific model, just let me know!

      • aniron says:

        I was thinking maybe have a look at major tournament lists, where public, and tally the average army cost per caster. Perhaps you won’t get data for the least popular ones though, but that would also tell something.

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