DIY Guild Ball mat

Guildball mats have been difficult to come by lately. All my local retailers are on month-long delays so I decided to make my own pitch!

Step one: Go to your nearest hobby supply store or fabric store (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnne’s fabrics, etc.,) and purchase a bolt of green felt, a stencil for a 2″ circle and some fabric tape.

guild ball mat

In total I spent $21 on supplies. If you already have the tape or a stencil then this can be a lot cheaper.


Step two: Measure out 3×3 (36″ x 36″) and cut. To make my measurements a little easier I cheated by dropping an X-Wing mat ontop the cloth and using that as a stencil.


Step three: Cut the cloth. For my first cut I left a little extra on the side. I can always comeback and shave off fabric to make it more precise, but I can never add fabric if I cut too much.


Step four: Cut again. This time focus on precision.


Step five: Now that your felt is cut it’s time for make some lines. The goal line is 6″, the deployment line is 10″ and the half-way line should be 18″ deep. I used the fabric tape as a stencil and placed them on the fabric so that the gap between the two pieces of tape would be exactly on point with my desired measurements. *Fabric tape is very forgiving so if you place it   wrong it can easily be adjusted*.


Step six: Grab your can of white primer and spray away. Put the can really close to avoid spraying outside the lines. You can also drop some cardboard if you’re afraid of mistakes. Don’t try brushing it on by hand.. It’s extremely tedious and not very clean. If you have an airbrush that will also work if you don’t have aerosol primer.


Let it dry for at least an hour before removing the tape. You should end up with something like this:


Step seven: Measure out 18″ and place your stencil so that the middle of the circle is directly in the middle of mat and that the top of the circle is touching the back edge of the 6″ line. You’ll then want to tape the stencil to the mat and cover up nearby holes to avoid spray getting elsewhere. (If you accidentally get primer or paint somewhere it wasn’t suppose to be, dab some windex on a towel and it should rub off easy). Here is a picture of how I taped my stencil before placing it on the mat.


Step eight: Grab some nearby notecards or more fabric tape and align them in a way to create a box around your goal marker. This step is entirely for decorative purposes, so measurements do not matter. Once you have a goalie box you like simply spray on the primer or turn on that airbrush again.


And there you have it, a homemade guildball pitch!

guildball pitch

You can buy a real nice Guild Ball pitch on mousepad material for around $45-$50 from local game stores that supply Steamforged products. Or you can buy some non-mousepad mats for around $35 from companies like Mats by Mars. However, if you’re looking for the best budget mat then DIY is the way to go. My $21 initial purchase gave me enough for one mat but felt is cheap. I can spend another $8, bringing my purchase up to $29 and make a second Guildball mat. Hell, I can buy three more bolts of felt and create four Guild Ball mats for $46. This is perfect for me because I’ve got a fledgling community that wants to get in games but minimize their expense.

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