Dipping: a cheap technique or a useful skill?

A year ago I attended a master’s level painting class in Chicago with Meg Maples, award winning model painter and former staff painter of Privateer Press. We practiced two-brush blending for two days straight. Two-brush blending requires hours of practice and is used by many professional painters. To master two-brush blending would be an amazing feat. Dipping on the other hand requires very little practice and is not used by professional painters.

Until recently I looked down on dipping as an inferior technique because I know enough about painting that I don’t need a jar of goop to do it for me. However, with Adepitcon nearing I found myself desperate to get my Warmachine army painted so I gave it a shot.

Dipping is simple, just base-coat a model and apply Army Painter Quick Shade by either brushing it on or literally dipping the model. Here is a before and after photo

Before and After dipping

You can see the difference dipping makes. The base-coated model on the left is pretty boring without any shading. However, the dipped model on the right is too glossy for my liking so I will need to spray it with some matte coating.

Flameguard Cleansers

I was pretty pleased with the finished product so I continued the process on more Menoth models.


Daughters of the Flame

After having dipped myself I can say that my opinion of this technique has changed very favorably. Dipping models will never improve my painting skill but it will definitely get me a good looking army quick!


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