When Dice Don’t Matter… and Other Battle Reports.

Been a few hectic weeks to say the least. However, there are some battle reports to be had. These reports are around a pair of list. What should have been a few interesting games were actually not super outstanding at all.  Also a talk about how dice can make that B or C tier list look like an S tier Monster.

So you think Dice Matters

Admittedly on paper Video Gamer should have a fairly good chance of consistently beating my opponents list of Boba Fett and Victor Hel. My opponent usually runs the X-wing events here locally and so doesn’t fly very often. He’s also one who with a passion detest tournament style Meta list. So win/loss against him is well in my favor.

I’ll remind you my friend is not big on Meta items. Fett was stout with PTL, HLC, Hot Shot Blaster, Proximity Mine, Slave 1, Extra Munitions and Plasma torps, and K4 Sentry Droid. Victor Hel, was also PTL, Vaskai title, Shield Upgrade, Engine Upgrade, Vector Thrusters, Harpoon Missiles. Assuming I recall everything correctly he should be at 98 points. Nothing world beating by any means, but for him a fun list.

Not much to tell the game went basically like this. He rolled 28 red Dice. Naturally had a hit or crit on 24. Went 28 for 28 with mods. His Green Dice rolled 10 of 16 before mods. Even with Average Dice I was beaten soundly, and my dice were a little below average that game.

Side note:

Lets face it. This is the type of match you both have to laugh at. Yes it put me at 2-1 with Video Gamer. The odds of that many natural positive results though is rare. I expect that type of result with the modifications, not naturally. If you run into this type of buzzsaw just fly again. It isn’t that your list was bad, it isn’t that you did not fly well. That is pure dumb against the odds luck. I tend to recommend flying a list 5 or 6 times before adjustments. Never count something like this. Throw this match away it messes with your data and your head.


After being beaten I wanted a rematch. I was given it. This time I was able to not face impossible dice odds. Got a quick crit with Maarek Steel on Boba Fett. Couple of rounds later Fett was gone and with just Hel left facing 3 ships and only 1 shield gone on Maarek and the Sienar Specialist just conceded there.

Another matchup Sunday.  He modified his list a bit and we tried again. Biggest change was Engine upgrade on Fett to add some maneuverability. This match I focused on Hel first. Poorly positioned myself though and had to turn away for a round and went after Fett since he was still a viable target.

The Sienar Specialist finished off Hel with a TLT shot, while Fett and Vynder dealt with Asteroids, Maarek was also out of position for a shot.  When ships finally got maneuvered back into a firing position Fett, was in trouble and then took a crit from Maarek. I forget what got assigned. Last round Fett maneuvers does a boost target locks onto a ship, then forgets the Hot Shot blaster is only range 1-2. His target was range 3. Had to shoot at Maarek, who easily evaded the attack. The return shot promptly ended the match.


So remember the rework of the Dutch Vander list I made? Well, the gent who created the original list and asked for help adjusting it pulled it out against Video Gamer. List was actually working for him pretty well until he made some flying mistakes. One time he could have and should have regained his shield from the Pulsed Ray shield he didn’t and that really was a big difference in the match.

He had both Vynder and Maarek ion’d at one point. Was swinging around with Jess, then bumped his Kyle into Dutch, and was Range 1 of Maarek who also bumped due to the Ion. Maarek didn’t need no stinking actions. He rolled Crit Crit Crit and focus. Kyle is now space debris. My opponent so worried about the TLT avoided it and it basically chewed him up. Dutch went down next. Jess was a little bit more difficult to finish off but did ultimately come down. I think with some practice he will give me a challenge with that list if he’s patient enough and adjust some things with his approach.


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