Countercharge Ep.13: Bane Theme Force (Dark Host)

The only way to carry your dice. Dark Host Theme Force Bane Warriors: Bane Warriors are defined by their extreme damage output. With the Dark Shroud and Weapon Master abilities they are brutal once reaching combat. Delivering them should be a challenge, but not impossible. By reducing their points to a more manageable level we hope players will find a way to work their anti-armor capabilities into more lists as they are much less of an investment. Bane Knights: We see Bane Knights as the defensive option of the Bane flavor. Removing vengeance, a markedly offensive rule, and adding Wall of Steel they become a much more durable unit. Combine with with Unhollowed from the Wraith Engine and you have a very … Continue reading Countercharge Ep.13: Bane Theme Force (Dark Host)