Countercharge Ep.13: Bane Theme Force (Dark Host)

Dark Host Theme Force

Bane Warriors: Bane Warriors are defined by their extreme damage output. With the Dark Shroud and Weapon Master abilities they are brutal once reaching combat. Delivering them should be a challenge, but not impossible. By reducing their points to a more manageable level we hope players will find a way to work their anti-armor capabilities into more lists as they are much less of an investment.

Bane Knights: We see Bane Knights as the defensive option of the Bane flavor. Removing vengeance, a markedly offensive rule, and adding Wall of Steel they become a much more durable unit. Combine with with Unhollowed from the Wraith Engine and you have a very resilient anti-shooting unit.

Bane Riders: Removing Curse and adding to their base MAT increases the over-all effectiveness of the units impact attacks and slightly helping out on non-charge turns. Stacking with Curse from Tartarus this is a hefty increase in accuracy. Vengeance coupled with Ghostly is a very powerful rule interaction allowing them to back out of combat and gain the charge bonus again.

Bane Lord Tartarus: Much like the Bane Warriors, We feel Tartarus is at an excellent power level as a model but his point cost did not adequately reflect this.

Mechanithralls: Reducing the point cost of Mechanithralls further not only reduces the “price of entry” for Brute Thralls, but also helps fit their stat line more accurately. The bump to defense 12 should help their survivability against low accuracy attacks.

Brute Thralls: The same bump in defense will help brutes be a tad more survivable.

Theme Force, Dark Host: All Banes picking up Prowl lets them combine their ghostly ability a little more aggressively by hiding in Forests and the Dense Fog terrain features supplied by the theme force. Please make sure to focus the majority of your testing inside of this theme force.



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