Consequences – Part 3: The Memories of The Forgotten

Below is the third of four parts of Consequences.

Part 1: The Blood of My Enemies can be found here. 

Part 2: The Tears of The Widow can be found here.

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Anyone who has taken a look at the first part of this adventure will realize that I am no mapmaker. All the maps within these adventures are “back of the napkin” level detail. A general sense of the area is provided in order to help the GM get a better idea of what is intended.

“The memories of the forgotten start to fade. Time will heal every wound.

Reawaken what is lost at great risk, For sorrow can always resume.”


Part 03: The Memories of The Forgotten


With the necessary components retrieved, Town Magistrate Allyss Fenrick must figure out how to get the device to function. A number of days pass before Allyss discovers the necessary notations in Fenrick’s coded and nearly illegible journals. She determines that Fenrick Storigg’s lover Favia di Graza played no small part in this design. Access to her memories and knowledge directly would help put the final pieces in place for the protection of Fenrick’s March. Freitag Sigmur recommends an alchemical concoction called Cryptospector. Allyss sends the party to capture a crypt spider alive from the catacombs of old Fenrick’s March and place it so only Favia will be consumed. Once a spider has been acquired, it must then be permitted to do its grisly deed, then be recaptured and brought to Alyss and Freitag. While the potion brews so too does trouble stew. For the first time in living memory a murder has taken place. The party is given the job of solving this crime while the Magistrate works with the Innkeep to finish the complex and vital potion.

Adventure Background

Fenrick’s March

During the Quiet Century research and exploration were at their peak. One group of archaeologists led by Fenrick Storigg sought out Orgoth ruins in order to better understand the former oppressors who were quickly falling into legend. Fenrick and his allies travelled far and wide until they settled in one especially quiet corner of the Iron Kingdoms. Content to study rather than become embroiled in the mounting political chaos, Fenrick and his team enlisted the aid of Rhulic friends and built a small tower to serve as a research base for the various ruins scattered across the region. Rhulstone Tower grew and around it a town took root. Never particularly large, its people named the town Fenrick’s March. Overlooked in the battles and wars which raged in the scores of years after its founding, Fenrick’s March proved a refuge for study and research. Though Fenrick is long dead, his legacy persists.

After years of successful research and ruin looting a tragedy took place. Fenrick’s long time friend and lover Favia di Graza was killed within a particularly dangerous ruin. Broken by the loss of his heart’s desire, Fenrick ceased adventuring and locked himself in Rhulstone Tower. Despite his seclusion the village around him persisted. Merchants who had traded with Fenrick and his group migrated to the region around the tower and established outposts from which a thriving trade of Orgoth relics flowed. Almost all of the relics sold by Fenrick and his team were curiosities rather than objects of power, so the hamlet did not grow beyond a few merchant families. The need for food caused some to take to the land, and although Fenrick himself never returned to relic hunting, his compatriots used the surrounding Orgoth ruins as a source of modest wealth. For decades following the death of Fenrick’s original adventurers the town which took on the name Fenrick’s March thrived. Eventually, however, the easy to access ruins were emptied and the more financially motivated occupants moved on to greener pastures. Now, centuries later, only the children of the farmers and a few others remain.

Despite its small size, Fenrick’s March did continue to serve as a refuge for research and study often overlooked in the battles and wars which raged in the scores of years since its founding. Though Fenrick is long dead, his legacy of a thirst for knowledge about the Orgoth continues. Much like the attitude of their founder late in life, the people of Fenrick’s March prefer to keep to themselves and like the quiet.  

While many in the Iron Kingdoms sought protection in urban centers, the people of Fenrick’s March trusted in their own prowess. Founded so far from civilization, these villagers learned to protect themselves. Fenrick’s March is the quintessential middle of nowhere podunk village, mostly oblivious to the outside world and dependent on little more than their own abilities and resources. In recent years their need for protection has grown. Thirty years ago a new Magistrate enacted brutal measures to maintain safety and independence. After three decades, brutality is now second nature.

The young men and women of Fenrick’s March train long and hard to protect their village from bandits, beasts, and other evils which are liable to wipe an easily forgettable copse of houses from the surface of Caen. This militia has grown more than capable of accomplishing their protective purpose. Fenrick’s March harshly stamps out any nearby banditry and thievery. Occasionally a gang thinks themselves capable of a quick smash and grab operation and are beaten like dogs. Rumors say the people of Fenrick’s March are unforgiving in the justice they dole out. Rarely do invaders live to tell tales of the warriors who wear the mist like a cloak. It’s this brutality which protects Fenrick’s March as much as the strength of her militia. Prisoner’s heads are stacked at the borders. Eyes and teeth removed. Jaws locked open. Tongues weighed down with an ocher stone.

Many years have passed since the Marchers last knew fear. Then in the dark hours of one terrible morning, it was not a force of bandits, but of organized Cryx attackers who descended upon the town. Although the alarm sounded and militia formed up, they failed. Surprisingly few died. Disarmed and captured alive, their fate is unknown. This defeat has shocked the tiny hamlet. Survivors have barricaded themselves in Rhulstone Tower, the modest temple of Menoth, and the more extravagant Morrowan church. Villagers hide fearing for their lives. While only ten or so were killed, forty militia members were taken. The handful who remain are too old or too sick to defend the village. For the first time in a generation Fenrick’s March is defenseless.

The timely arrival of capable adventurers assaulted the Cryxian camp and rescued in part the militia members. So too were the means for long term protection determined and the needed components were retrieved. Now Allyss must learn how to activate the completed device.

The Cavern of Fear and Loathing

Recent activities by mercenary and adventuring parties have rediscovered the contents of the Cavern of Fear and Loathing and the hidden tomb within. The ancient Orgoth Lord was either destroyed or temporarily pacified leading to a wealth of previously untapped knowledge. Also discovered were the remains of Favia di Graza.

The local Orgoth Lord ruled the area more benevolently than would be expected. This is due in no small part to an Orgoth Relic which permitted the lord to magically subjugate his people. That relic, previously recovered, sits in the basement of Rhulstone Tower.

This tomb is still an important location as it can be a source of research and rediscovery unlike what the Marchers have had access to for generations. Allyss has taken its pacification very seriously. If the Orgoth Lord was destroyed then she can often be found within researching, otherwise she encourages the party to rid the region of the dangerous spector.

Cast of Characters, Antagonists, Allies, and Locales:

In addition to the characters brought by the players, a number of non-player characters fulfill necessary roles in the story. Antagonists are outlined in detail in their first encounter. NPCs which are not expected to require stats may reference a page in the Core Rules or relevant supplement instead.

Fenrick’s March

An easily forgettable hamlet, Fenrick’s March has a small common square around which a modest Inn, which doubles as a community center when needed, a Morrowan church which is also capable of housing the entire village, a small Menite temple built more like a fort than a church, and a very old shelled stage used during festivals and court hearings. On the stage there is a large crank driven siren which calls up the militia. A gift from a generous traveler years ago. Farms that are little more than subsistence plots surround the region with the furthest a mile or so away. Both livestock and fields are surrounded by sturdy fences. The road through Fenrick’s March could go anywhere, but truly goes nowhere. Other than some nearby Orgoth ruins there is nothing special about this place at all. It is just another inn for the occasionally traveler to use so that they do not have to camp in the wilderness. Secretly record positive and negative actions to determine how the townsfolk feel about the players. Assume that any theft is later discovered and natural distrust causes the people to blame (even if they do not formally accuse) the party. The standing of the party within Fenrick’s March will be of great consequence in Part 4 of this series. Make an effort to carry positive and negative effects forward during every visit to the hamlet.

Town Magistrate: Allyss Fenrick (human, 60s, cold and serious)

Allyss has served as magistrate for thirty years. Although she has begun training an apprentice to receive the title after her, the severity of her personality has caused a number of possible trainees to suddenly decide farmwork back home wasn’t so bad. Even with the majority of the village gone, she does not descend into despair. Her husband was captured and killed by the Cryx who invaded along with much of the militia. Even this has done nothing except deepen her resolve to protect Fenrick’s March. Upon hearing the news tears began to trickle down her face. This constant flow of tears cannot be heard in her voice and she does not acknowledge their presence. Allyss potential for villainy has been tempted in a way she has never faced. It is unlikely she expected the consequences of so many decades of viciousness would have on her soul.

Militia Captain: Georick Fenrick (human, 60s, militant and disciplined)

All that is left of Georick is a journal of regrets. He has had great difficulty enacting the terrible vengeance upon those who cross the March with hostile intentions. If it is discovered, his journal reveals not only his reservations, but also his resolve to never share that trepidation with his wife. She believes firmly that her methods are sound. He was perhaps the person most aware of the consequences of actions and his journal reveals long years of questioning the wisdom of his wife’s command for brutality. His body is interred in the modest catacomb beneath the Menite Temple.

Morrowan Rector: Reverend Betilda Atchley (human, 70s, warm and welcoming)

Batilda has served the tiny hamlet of Fenrick’s March for nearly her entire life. It is almost as though the priesthood placed her and forgot her. It has been 50 years since the most recent visit from a vicar and nearly as long since the last tithe was advanced beyond the care of the local church. Betilda loves her flock dearly and would do nothing to risk their safety. This compassion has caused her to turn a blind eye to the actions of Allyss and the militia in ensuring no evil enters from the outside. She is warm and welcoming to outsiders, but tells everything shared with her to Allyss during their weekly confessions. Reverend Atchley holds a great secret, her and Father Rhinehart have been in an intimate relationship for 40 years. Each believes the town ignorant of their dalliances, while the town is aware that any acknowledgement of the relationship has the chance to call down the attention of those further up the hierarchy. The consequences of that happening would likely result in Betilda being reassigned or even stripped of her robes.

Morrowan Acolyte: Acolyte Judas Oberan (human, 30s, wormy and conniving)

Juda Oberan has served as a minor Acolyte for fifteen years. He began his service to the church with the utmost respect for Reverend Atchley. Over time he discovered the indiscretions between his Rector and a local Menite priest and immediately grew disimpassioned with her. The breach of faith caused him to eye the pulpit. As he is not at all loved by the populace and she is nearly regarded as much as an Ascendant, his chances of casting her off were slim to none. Recent developments have opened a door to allow him to push her out disgraced. Although the town is generally aware of some kind of relationship between Betilda and Egan, Judas’s ire has blinded him to their awareness and apathy of the situation.

Menite Priest: Father Egan Rhinehart (human, 80s, compassionate and disciplined)

Father Rhinehart has long served as a member of the Paladins of the Order of the Wall. Although his tower shield and sword are secreted out of sight, a sun has not yet risen which did not shine through the windows of the temple to gleam off his weapons’ polished surfaces as he works through Trionfante Militante. His strength is hardly sufficient to finish his meditations, but his devotion is unwavering. He immediately noticed the lovely young priestess of Morrow upon his arrival at the fortress temple and before long the two were a couple. Egan was disheartened by the extreme measures enacted by the new Magistrate, however he knew well the teaching role served by such methods. Refusing to participate, but likewise refusing to condemn, Father Rhinehart quietly permitted the actions. He previously advised Captain Georick and served as confidante to the morally conflicted man. Father Rhinehart has spent decades in an intimate relationship with Rev Betilda of the Morrown church. Such impropriety would result in wracking if it were discovered. Given his advanced age, the wrack would most certainly end him.

Inn Keeper: Freitag Sigmur (rhulic, 40s, mercantile and suspicious)

The Inn of Fenrick’s March is an expertly crafted six story building named Rhulstone Tower. Beneath is a secret room used many generations ago by Freitag’s forebearers and Fenrick Storigg himself. Within are many monuments and relics of the Orgoth occupation. Nearly all are inert with a notable exception of an altar which powers all of Rhulstone Tower through mysterious energies. Freitag’s family tied their lot to Fenrick’s March when Fenrick’s expedition first passed through this beautiful out of the way region. Now, eight human generations later, the Sigmur clan continue to honor their commitment to the hamlet. Although a young Sigmur will journey back to Rhul to find a wife, there have always been a small handful who remain to watch over Rhulstone Tower. Within is an alchemical laboratory, a mechanika shop, along with a kitchen, common room, and guest accommodations as well. Though often referred to as the Inn Keeper by the humans of the hamlet, Freitag is actually Master of the Tower and oversees the work of his cousins, a few aunts and uncles, and his children who make life in Fenrick’s March that much easier. He carries the burden of his great great great grandfather by caring for the descendants of Fenrick just as Fenrick was cared for by his ancestor. Freitag knows well the consequences of tradition and obligation as his children have slowly moved either back to Rhul or sought more interesting homes.

Militia and Defenses

Depleted to around 20 well trained men and women between 15 and 60. Armed with voulge-rifles and short swords with pistols scattered throughout the ranks, this small group has lost a great deal of confidence in their abilities. Now that so many of the militia are depleted there is a fear that crime will rise before the militia reaches full strength. The first crime of passion in decades has already taken place as a murder-suicide rocks the tiny hamlet.

The Cavern of Fear and Loathing

Recent excursions into the Cavern of Fear and Loathing have revealed a dangerous Orgoth crypt sealed away for hundreds of years. Built into the back of a shallow 80 foot cavern, fairly well preserved piping and stonework are still intact. On one side is a raised platform. Three store pedestals with bowl-like tops sit beneath hooks set deep into the ceiling. Partially decomposed piping runs behind the platform to a large face set into the wall. The face has been carved in the Orgoth style with a look of abject terror frozen on its features. The mouth extends out and opens upward toward the broken piping. On the opposite side are small dry aqueducts that run to a second carved face. An unmistakable look of disgust marks this face. Again mouth is open and extends ready to catch what falls from the ancient plumbing. Three figures of carved stone lean heavily against the rear wall. Human in size and appearance, the naked statues are either holding something in or trying to push down the wall. Each has mouth open and lifted except for one whose head was long ago destroyed. Only an empty void which leads down through the neck remains. Above the three figures is a single massive entity. Infernal in appearance, the creature appears to be pulling is massive body through the wall. Clawed hands press against the stone as half its chest, neck, and head extend outward. Wicked fangs fill the gaping open mouth and a long rippled tongue stretches out above a bowl topped stone pillar. The wall to either side of the beast is covered in a repeating pattern which an astute researcher would discern as writing. Within is a long tunnel driven deeper using a sacrifice of blood. A number of dreads and an entombed guard the crypt where their Deathless Lord sits enthroned. Within the first large chamber a pack of man-eater barrow mawgs have tunneled into the complex.

Fenrick’s March Disposition Toward the Party

Throughout these four adventures the successes and failures of the party can affect the disposition of the hamlet as a whole toward the group. During various points in this adventure the general feelings of the Marchers toward the group should be used in considering how easy it is to get help from the citizens of this paranoid corner of Caen. Secretly track this disposition for the final scene of the adventure, show the feelings of the town whenever appropriate.

Fenrick's March Disposition.jpg

Scene 1

Some Disassembly Required

Session Summary

The party arrives at the tiny hamlet of Fenrick’s March. Nearly immediately they are asked to see Magistrate Allyss beneath Rhulstone Tower. An ancient device has been put back together, but is not yet functional. The quickest way to fully understand the mechanisms involved is to rediscover the memories of its original designer Favia di Graza whose mummified corpse was found within the Tomb of Fear and Loathing. A captured crypt spider can be used to create a memory potion. Additionally, the depletion of the militia has left the region vulnerable.

Getting the PCs Involved

Consequences: The Memories of the Forgotten does not establish either a specific geographic region or purpose for the PCs arrival at Fenrick’s March. Although reasonably close proximity to the coast is assumed to be within raiding distance of a Cryx ship, any location could work without too much difficulty. Some possible hooks to draw them into the next adventure are below:

  • Following the events of Consequences: The Tears of The Widow, the party feels a certain responsibility to the hamlet and seek to secure the village defensively before moving on to new adventures.
  • A small group of Rhulic merchants travel through the town in which the party is staying. Casual conversation reveals that they are from a place called Rhulstone Tower in Fenrick’s March. It seems the defenders of the hamlet were recently slaughtered in a fight and it is no longer as safe as it once was. They are sure that the people would appreciate relief from the dangers around them, but until that happens it is best to find new markets.  
  • Through the Morrowan or Menite church the party receives word of a priest/priestess who is in an ill fated relationship with a member of the opposite religious body. While the practices of small parishes on the fringes of civilization may otherwise be irrelevant, it is simply inappropriate for the priest/priestess to engage in such behavior. They must be retrieved.  
  • A desperate letter arrives from a small hamlet. Their defenses have been depleted and bandits are on the prowl. They have the means to defend themselves but need a hardy group to help accomplish the finals steps before the defenses can be activated. If someone would come to assist them then there would be a modest reward.

Mixing hooks and giving partial information to various party members can reinforce the importance of investigating this area and in many ways will elevate the mystique surrounding it. Additional information about Fenrick’s March is incredibly difficult to find. First and foremost, it is a tiny nearly insignificant place. Outside of its own internal history, nothing of note has ever taken place there or at least is nowhere recorded. Second, an unusually high concentration of Orgoth ruins in the vicinity has had a perception blocking effect on anyone trying to nail down what is present in the region. Any skills used to gain information about Fenrick’s March suffer a -5 penalty.

Narrative Encounter 1

Read All instruction Before Proceeding

Allyss Fenrick, the town magistrate of Fenrick’s March, has asked for your presence. She explains the current situation, including her assembly of the defensive relics according to instructions written by the founders of their town. Allyss shows the party the completed device, but explains that the expected means of activating are doing nothing. She has a somewhat gruesome task for the party.

Read the following aloud

You arrive in the massive underground museum where centuries of Orgoth relics and artifacts have been collected and studied. Shelves line the walls and pedestals throughout the basement display art and folders full of scientific findings. While the vast majority are labeled “inert curiosities” a few have been put to use. Working on a complex device combining an unmistakably Orgoth silver shield with a large altar stained red along with many other components is a bent figure.

Give the characters the opportunity to explore the room. Study of the device being worked on is separate from study of other artifacts in the museum. Allow other skills within reason, but likely skill use is in the table below.

Orgoth Relic Museum.jpg

As she is enveloped in her work, Allyss will not address the party, instead waiting for them to address her. If they approach the device she is working on, address her directly, or one party member begins to leave continue with the Read Aloud text below.

Read the following aloud

She turns from her work and the stern, matronly woman looks at you with a face stained by sorrow. Bloodshot and sunken, her grey eyes seem to be on the verge of disappearing into her skull. Two discolored streaks of paler skin extend from her tear ducts to her jawline, leaving the appearance that she is perpetually crying. Wrinkles and age spots cover her face and hands, with papery thin skin she has the appearance of a woman nearing ninety. “We are almost finished.”

Her voice is as stern as her look. “Every piece is in place for the defensive measures outlined in Fenrick’s Journal. It seems our founder was an expert archaeologist, but it was his lover Favia di Graza who designed the means for making use of his discoveries. She, however, was not as thorough in her notations as her more systematic-minded love.”

Frustration dances across the woman’s features, “Crude drawings and a few notes of what doesn’t work were all I could find in her loose leaf blueprints. After a long conversation with Freitag and the knowledge of the recent rediscovery of Favia’s mummified remains, we have come up with a plan. There is an alchemical potion called cryptospector. By using a crypt spider brain, a potion can be distilled which will allow the drinker to draw upon the memories of a corpse eaten by the creature.”

Her long arthritic finger jabs forward, punctuating each phrase. “With those memories, I can finalize the device and my hamlet will never be attacked again. Neither bandits, nor the Cryx who raided us will ever be able to bring us harm. We will be forgotten. And safe.” She sounds desperate to return to the sense of safety which was shaken just a few days ago.

Although her stern demeanor slipped for a moment, emotion creeping into the edges of her voice, she winds back down to her previous stoic tone. “Do you feel up to a grisly task? Go upstairs and speak with Freitag. He can explain the rest. I have work to do.”

The scene is primarily for quest assignment and to open up the necessary avenues for the party to complete the task. As always Allyss will be quite straightforward. Occasionally she starts crying again, but does not make any noise as she does so. She will not acknowledge the tears either by wiping them away or by answering them. Her response to inquiries about her sorrow are some variation of “Its nothing.”

If confronted about the blood, Allyss freely admits that the periodic sacrifice of livestock on the altar previously kept the power running in Fenrick’s March. She has been trying to get the defensive device to function using the same method. Attempts to Interrogate or Intimidate Allyss are met with a -5 penalty and she becomes indignant. Hostility toward Alyss causes Fenrick’s March Disposition to decrease by 1. Her husband and a significant portion of the hamlet’s young men and women have been killed. She has no interest in dealing with the hostility of strangers from whom she is seeking help. If a party did not previously encounter the Cavern of Fear and Loathing then Alyss gives them the Head of Hogorth (details on this item may be found in Consequences 02: The Tears of the Widow).

Read the following aloud

At the top of the stairs you find the innkeeper trading some farm utensils to a boy too young to farm. “Best wishes on the harvest friend.” The Rhulic merchant turns and drops a few wooden chits into a box behind the counter. “‘Ol’ biddy just sent you straight back up here didn’t she? She at least tell you what help we need?”

Without looking your way, the dwarf picks up a lit pipe sitting on the counter and the room fills with a sweet scent. His voice lacks the jocular lit granted the local boy. “First: you need to acquire a crypt spider.” He draws in from the pipe as he ticks off the remaining steps. “Second: Enter the tomb of Fear and Loathing. Blood must be poured into the terrified face and fresh living water in the disgusted one. The proper ratio is 2:1 water to blood. Pour the Ichor of Fate that is produced into the two statues and the head Alyss said she’d give ya, and the door will slide open. Third: Release the crypt spider into the first room on the left and be certain that it remains undisturbed for 24 hours. You will need to keep the tomb open. It tries to close every four hours or so. Fourth: Re-enter the room with the crypt spider and be certain it has eaten the corpse within. If not, reseal the door and wait longer. If so, kill the spider and bring me its brain.”

He concludes the instructions with four roughly concentric smoke rings. While far from the most pleasant task asked of you, it seems simple enough. Freitag takes a few more puffs from the long stemmed pipe, “So how do you want to go about this?”

When the group speaks with Freitag he is as helpful as necessary, but is not happy about it. Any ideas they have for traps, snares, ropes, or other odds and ends he is able to supply. If asked how to catch a spider he responds with a shrug. “Can’t say I’v’eva’ a need for a livin’ one until just now.” Anything they need to capture the spider is free of charge at Alyss’s behest. When asked where they might find some crypt spiders he suggests they go talk to Betilda or Egan, creatures like that fall more under their purview.

Additional assistance by means of alchemical lab use or a few potions are available, remember that this is not a large town and Freitag generally works with small time farmers. His stock is fairly limited when it comes to adventuring gear. As long as a good argument can be made by the player as to why Freitag might have some item or another, the GM should be fairly amiable. Don’t derail a plan they are forming simply because Frietag would not carry something obscure. Regardless of whether the party chooses to go to Betilda or Egan, they learn the holy person is out meditating or taking a walk. If the group has not learned of the dallience between the two, they will very soon.

Skill Encounter 1

Priests and Paramours

This skill encounter can proceed a number of different ways. The group may have received Freitag’s advice or come to the conclusion themselves to seek out one of the two local priests to seek out where a crypt spider infestation might be found. Depending on how they approach this task will effect the order of the read aloud text and subsequent exchange. It is possible that either or both churches are completely skipped. This will not negatively impact the flow of the story. If the party decides to wait out the missing holy people they will learn from Acolyte Judas Oberan at the Church of Morrow that Reverend Batilda is long overdue and he is growing concerned.

Father Egan and Reverend Betilda have retreated on one of their open secret dalliances. Egan left a note on his chamber door indicating he has gone out. Betilda informed the acolyte she would be out “To walk with Morrow.” If pressed the acolyte suspects she has gone to meet with Egan. If pressed harder he will reveal his strong suspicions that the two are an item. Any active attempt by the party to seek out where to go will reveal an old cemetery a few miles away that was previously used to bury the dead in years past. The party will use various skills to track the couple only to find they have fallen into an old mausoleum and are in grave danger. Moving too slowly or delaying for too long may endanger the life of one or both of the holy people. Failing to track the couple and instead seeking out a likely tomb instead will lead them to the correct location, but do so too late to assist the two elderly paramours.

Finding the Old Graveyard

Discovering the likely location of a crypt spider infestation without advice from the acolyte requires four hours of Research TN:15, add 30 minutes for every 1 lower than the TN and reduce the research by 30 minutes for every 1 higher than the TN. Arriving at the old cemetery then requires a Navigation TN:17 as an obscure destination a few miles away. It takes 90 minutes to walk there if successful and 2 hours if unsuccessful. Failing by more than 5 adds an additional 1 hour. Failing by 8 or more adds a combat encounter in which a pack of Dusk Wolves begins hunting the party at dusk. Details for this encounter may be found in Appendix B. The party will have a chance to detect their predatory pursuers before needing to camp for the night where they will be attacked by the hunting pack. Receiving information about the Old Cemetery by visiting the Church of Morrow and/or the Menite Temple can bypass the necessary research. Successfully speaking to the acolyte at the Church of Morrow or asking any Marcher about the cemetery grants a +5 bonus to the Navigation roll.

If approaching the Menite Temple, read the following aloud

Painted a clean and gleaming white, the small Menite temple has but a single minaret maybe three or four stories tall in the southwest corner. Size does nothing to diminish the obvious strength of the ancient stone structure. Beautiful stained glass windows reinforced with steel menofixes flank a pair of 8’ tall, 6’ wide heavy iron double doors. It is quiet as you approach.

Grant a Perception or Lore (Menite Faith) TN:16 check to the party. Any practitioners of the Menite faith are granted a +5 bonus to this check. If successful, continue reading below.

The quiet is out of place. It is time for one of the midday adhan to be sung and yet the priest is not singing. For any Menite Temple the lack of these sung prayers is suspicious. Even if the head priest is ill, a lesser priest or worst case scenario, a laymen will be tapped to ensure that every prayer is said.

The vestibule is empty and none of the myriad candles are lit. A door in one corner leads up to the minaret while another leads behind the altar to the rectory. Going up the minaret will lead to a single faithful Menite trying to nervously sing out the call to prayer. He can be heard with a Perception TN:12 before entering the small room at the top of the tower. The Menite does not know where the priest is and only came up to be certain the proper rituals are fulfilled. Within the rectory is a small sitting area meant as a waiting room with a single heavy reinforced door which leads to the priest’s spartan personal rooms. Breaking into his room Lock Picking TN:14 or Strength TN:21 (ARM 20, 20 boxes) allows a character familiar with the priest to notice his sword is missing but his shield rests against a wall. An unfamiliar character will just note that a heavy shield leans haphazardly against the wall in an otherwise very organized room. Perception TN:14 or Detection TN:12 in the foyer discovers a scrap of paper which seems to have fallen off the door and slid beneath a nearby table. It reads: Will return before midday adhan. No one seems to know where Father Egan has gone. A Streetwise TN:10 and thirty minutes of asking around will learn that he occasionally walks toward an old cemetary about a few miles outside the town. Proximity of Orgoth artifacts made Fenrick nervous about having the graveyard near to Rhulstone Tower and his concern meant many years of burying the dead far from the tower.

If approaching the Church of Morrow, read the following aloud

Second in size only to Rhulstone Tower and far more architecturally beautiful, the local Church of Morrow is surrounding with well-kept landscaping and is itself spectacular. A large golden symbol of Morrow rests above the door shining in the sun. Inlaid at the center of the majestic double doors, split by their parting, is one of the many seals symbolic of an Ascendant of Morrow. Even now there is a low murmur of activity with the comings and goings of the faithful. A voice cries out as you approach, “Help! Somebody help us! Reverend Betilda!”

Running toward the church is a youngish boy, likely not to have seen ten harvests. Trailing more slowly behind him are two older boys carrying between them an old man bleeding heavily. A young robed figure rushes out to meet them and some bystanders hurry to hold open the doors so that the man can be brought in.

Jakob is a local farmer being brought by his grandsons to receive some much needed medical attention. Once inside the party can see that the young acolyte is out of his element and does not yet have the necessary teaching to lend aid to the man. Without the players’ assistance the man will die from his wounds before Betilda returns. After the emergency is addressed the acolyte will tell the group that Betilda went out for a walk and was expected back already. The more helpful they are they more amiable the acolyte will be to the party’s questions. He may even relate in private his suspicion that the town’s two priests have gone off together.

Successfully saving Jakob will cause Fenrick’s March Disposition to increase by 1. Failing to help effectively causes Fenrick’s March Disposition to decrease by 1.

Farmer in need

Combat Encounter 1

Dungeons and Dalliances
When the PCs arrive at the old cemetery, read the following aloud

Monuments for the dead are scattered around a number of ruins in various states of decay. Most of the gravestones seem to be reasonably new, some at the edges indicating death dates only a few decades past. Above ground, mausoleums rise above the smaller markers, some appearing to have experienced centuries of weathering. With doors closed tightly these worn sepulchers are likely to stand for many centuries more. One in particular, however, is not tightly closed, but sits with doors open. Just outside appear to be a blanket and remains of a picnic sitting on the soft grass.  

Adjust the time of day the party arrives depending on how long it took the party to reach the cemetery. At about 12noon the two fell through the floor of a mausoleum into the crypt below. After waiting and calling for help for a few hours they felt they had no choice but to find their own way out. In their search for a way out they stumble into a crypt spider colony. Father Egan has his sword and is able to hide them defend them for about six hours, around dusk Egan is killed defending Betilda. About two hours later, Betilda meets the same fate. 

Successful Research and successful Navigation will get the party there just in time to defend the two elderly priests from the spiders. Failure at either of those two tasks likely means Egan has already died. Failing at both, catastrophic failure of either one, or any unnecessarily long delays means both will be dead.

Alternatively, success with the Acolyte of Morrow and successful navigation gives the party the chance to save both priests before they even encounter the crypt spiders. Failure to navigate to the cemetery delays the party long enough that they must defend the priests within the spider’s webs. Catastrophic failure navigating, but fighting the wolves before dusk means Egan has died, but they have a chance to save Betilda. Any overnight delay means both priests die.

Arriving while the two are still alive, but have encountered the spiders, places the two priests on the opposite side of the mausoleum, otherwise Egan’s body is found against the wall with one dead crypt spider nearby. Adjust the Read Aloud text below depending on the status of the two priests.

Dungeons and Dalliances.jpg

Upon arriving in the Crypt Spider Nest, read the following aloud

The narrow tunnel lined with occasionally occupied grave shelves opens into a larger below ground crypt. A number of sarcophagi are scattered equidistant across the 60’ wide room. All have at least had the lids removed and some are little more than scattered stone upon the mosaic floor. Webs are everywhere. Walls, ceiling, spots on the floors, and a number of sarcophagi are decorated in the dangerous silk lattice created by crypt spiders.

If both priests yet live…

Across the room are a man and woman, both elderly and both desperate. The man swings a glowing sword trying to fend off a group of crypt spiders, while the other ineffectually swings a large bone while favoring a leg. There are dirty and disheveled and it seems the gentle glow of their sword is their only light. One notices your presence and points, “Praise Morrow! Help! Help us! Egan has been badly burned by their acid and I fear we cannot last much longer!”

If Egan has been killed already…

The room appears to be empty except for a slumped figure on the far side of the room. Mostly obscured by shadows it is impossible to see from here who or what the form is. You fear one or both of the priests may have found their end in this ominous room.

If neither have yet entered this room

An unnerving silence fills the web encased room. The faintest skittering, like claws drug along stone draws your attention. As you glance toward the sound you see a glimpse of a small figure dart into one of the nearby sarcophagi.

A juvenile spider has been spotted by the party and as soon as a group member is caught by the webbing, or approaches too close to the young crypt spider, the adults attack.  

Dungeons and Dalliances skills.jpg

Enemy Tactics

More interested in protecting its young and its food, the adult crypt spiders will not pursue characters who flee outside of the crypt. One of the spiders has already used its acid attack on Egan and cannot make the attack, the others will try to spray acid on nearby targets prioritizing targets as follows: enemy in melee, enemy nearest to juvenile, enemy nearest to egg clutch, enemy restrained by webs, enemy in nest. The spiders will not spray acid at an enemy engaged with another spider, but will fight to the death to defend their young.


The crypt is covered in patches of webbing, broken and intact sarcophagi, and egg clutches. Various shelves around the perimeter are suspiciously empty.

Intact Sarcophagi: Three foot tall stone boxes grant cover to crypt spiders, small creatures, and crouching medium creatures. When approached by a PC roll 1d6 on a 5 or 6 there is a juvenile crypt spider within that will leap out at whoever disturbed it. The first time a juvenile attacks the adult spiders come to its defense.

Broken Sarcophagi: Areas of broken sarcophagi are difficult terrain.

Webbing: Patches of webbing along the floor are difficult terrain. In order to leave an area of webbing a character must succeed either an Escape Artist TN:12 or a Strength TN:15 or they fall prone and unable to move until freed. They may make ranged attacks with a -4 penalty.

Egg Clutch: If a character enters a space containing an egg clutch or an AOE attack effects a square containing an egg clutch the eggs break open and a large base swarm of spider hatchlings is released.

Dungeons and Dalliances map.jpg

As they are only interested in protecting their young and food supply, the crypt spiders will not pursue anything that exits the crypt to go back above ground. If all the spiders are killed without any being captured alive, the party must use a Tracking TN:13 to spend 4 hours seeking a new nest of crypt spiders. Failure by 5 or more stumbles into another large colony like the one they were just in and adds 2 more hours.

Having captured the living crypt spider the party must now take their captive to the Cavern of Fear and Loathing in order to allow it a night with the mummified corpse of Favia di Graza.

Saving both holy people will cause Fenrick’s March Disposition to increase by 1. Fenrick’s March Disposition will decrease by 1 for each of the holy people who perish. The feelings of the Marchers toward the party is capricious and they will be blamed for any shortcomings.

Egan’s death leaves his Firebrand unclaimed. Details can be found in Kings, Nations, and Gods pg 365.

Narrative Encounter 2

Return to Fear and Loathing

As the players make their way back to the Cavern of Fear and Loathing, they may experience a few detours along the way. Returning to Fenrick’s March to rest is one of the likely options. Be certain that the crypt spider is realistically restrained if it is left unsupervised. A crowd will gather if they return with such an unusual creature in tow. They are equally interested in what information about the missing priests can be provided.

Either one being lost will be a severe blow to the community. Betilda dying will result in the acolyte taking on her mantle and sending away for a new priest to be assigned. Egan’s loss is met with polite sorrow, but he was nowhere near as revered. The faithful practitioner who attempted the adhan will occupy the Menite temple, but cannot keep the shrine open on his own. Returning with the priests in tow will draw a huge crowd. Both will continue their feigned innocence about their trysts and even deny anything improper to you who came upon them sneaking into a mausoleum.

Alyss will encourage the party to quickly acquire the needed ingredients for the potion and express discomfort at having the living crypt spider within the town. Either immediately or soon the party will return to the Cavern of Fear and Loathing. Once there they must deal with the Deathless Lord in a permanent manner if they did not do so in Part 2. If the Deathless was killed in Part 2 then they are reminded of the Cryxian threat that has not yet been addressed with a more rigorous combat otherwise the shrike spies on them again, this time with a few bane warriors to reinforce the danger. Locking the spider in the room is not difficult, nor requires any special checks. A reminder of how to enter the cavern is below.

Read the following aloud

Nothing has changed within the cavern since your last visit. The disturbing creature with the long tongue looms menacingly over three human statues carved with permanent expressions of exertion. Likewise the twisted faces with mouths opened wide occupy the walls on either side of the raised platform. Within this tomb is a nearly perfectly preserved tomb, a boon to archaeological study of the Orgoth Occupation Era. Its previous owner was a Deathless Orgoth Lord who ruled this region centuries ago. Now, it is an empty shell of what it once was. The restless ghosts have been pacified and the traps overcome. Its future is likely one of research and study. A certainly unexpected end to what began as such a dangerous place.

Players must create some of the Ichor of Fate in order to awaken the Orgoth servant and enter the tomb. For a group familiar with the Cavern of Fear and Loathing it is merely a matter of pouring blood and water into the faces on either side. The blood must be taken by force and the water must be from either a stream or rain. Some parties may even have some Ichor of Fate from their previous adventure. A party unfamiliar with the Ichor of Fate should use the following skills to determine what needs done.

cavern of fear and loatching 3.jpg


Once convinced to help the party, Horgorth calls out to his master and tells the party to feed his friends. No need to give him more, he will help push. With a cascade of dust and stone the wall the three figures are leaning against moves backward twenty feet. The entirety of the interior of the tomb is illuminated with dim light by glowing orbs set in the walls.

Read the following aloud

The wall groans loudly and slides inward. Dust, dirt, and stone fall from the wall as it moves. A gust of air bursts forth from the infernal above extinguishing all light except that within the tomb. (Any light sources, even ones that do not rely on flame, sputter and go out, they can be relit without difficulty) A whisper is carried on the current. Although you do not understand the language, the warning is easily discernible, “go away.”  

The wall thuds into place thirty-five feet into the foyer. A sickly orange glow illuminates the interior. The dim light is sufficient to see, but causes a great deal of strain. Almost immediately a gnawing headache takes root behind your eyes. Stonework has been carefully cut and tightly arranged. Paintings and calligraphy cover the interior of the crypt. Fenrick’s heart must have raced at the prospect of what could be learned from those perfectly preserved images.

Two metal doors are set into the adjacent walls and an eight foot rune is carved into the center of the floor of the now revealed twenty foot to a side room. You know that Favia’s corpse is entombed to your left and expect the evening to be uneventful.

Skill Encounter 2

Dance for Me

Skip to Combat Encounter 2 if the Deathless was killed during Part 2. During the night the Entombed protector of the Deathless Lord will summon the party to attend their lord. The wall opens without difficulty before the group during these summons. Each begins in the same way using the read aloud text below.

Read the following aloud

You exhale a cloud of condensation before you feel the sudden dip in temperature in the room. Through the wall before you slides the incorporeal form of the Deathless Lord’s Entombed servant. Its weapon is stowed and its demeanor is like that of a caged tiger. Without a sound it gestures for you to follow and glides into the foyer. At its behest, the crypt groans and the back wall slides deeper into the tomb, the stone figures affix a look of abject terror as they flee to the Deathless Lord’s throne room eager to obey the whim of his highest slave.

What if they refuse to follow? The Entombed revels the opportunity to attack the party. In the face of refusal or too slow of a response from the party it will raise three fingers and gesture for them to follow. Each refusal drops a finger. Refusing three times causes the Entomb’s weapon to materialize in its closed fist and with eyes afire with supernatural vigor it attacks the nearest member of the party. Use the stats and rules for the Entombed found in Consequences 02: The Tears of the Widow.

Following the Entombed slave brings the party into the Deathless Lord’s inner sanctum. When they are brought before him he will make one of the requests bulleted below. Start the TN at 10 and increase the difficulty by 2 every time the group is brought before their Lord. Refusing or failing to meet a request is a breach of the bargain and both he and his entombed will attack. Use the encounter from Consequences 02: DE01 and the Skill Encounter becomes a Combat Encounter. Otherwise use the table below to make inane requests of the party which the group must find a way to accomplish. Start with simple requests and work up towards more difficult to accomplish tasks. The list below includes suggestions but is not all inclusive. Make adjustments as necessary to emphasize the escalating impossibility of accomplishing the requested tasks. Failure of any task by 5 or more triggers a fight. So too will three consecutive failures.

Requests by the Deathless Lord
  • Dance for me
  • Shine my armor
  • Sing me a song
  • Take some notes
  • I need a tribute
  • Prepare a meal
  • Put on a play
  • Take me for a walk
  • Let’s play a game
  • Encourage me
  • Tell me a story
  • Clean my throne room

The continued unlife or destruction of the Deathless will have an important impact on Part 4 of this adventure. Deathless are known to have grown quite insane and the longer the undead being is in the presence of living beings the more obvious the insanity becomes. Soon not even the former lord can convincingly interact with current events. They are trapped in a cycle which can only be broken through violence. If not now, soon, the Deathless must be destroyed.

After the evening passes the crypt spider must be killed and its brain brought to Freitag for distilling. Skip Combat Encounter 2.

The first time the PCs leave the crypt a flying form of a Shrike can be seen in the distance.

Any revelation to the people of Fenrick’s March that the party is subjected by the local Deathless Lord will cause Fenrick’s March Disposition to decrease by 2.

Combat Encounter 2

When the PCs bed down, Read the following aloud

You hear the moaning wind outside the Cavern of Fear and Loathing at the very periphery of your senses. A low groan like an ancient bending oak carries into the tomb. In many ways it is a pleasant distraction from the shuffling and crunching going on through the door beside you. Regardless of your religious leanings it is hard to shake the feeling of wrong that comes with permitting the desecration of a corpse.

Prompt Detection TN:13 On Success…

As you focus on the wind a gentle clanking rides its haunting chorus. Such a sound is not natural, and sounds very much like a heavily armored creature entering the cavern.

On Failure…

The howling wind fills you with a sense of dread, but it is equally likely to just be the natural side effect of having a crypt spider eating nearby.      

A successful detection of the approaching enemies allows the party the opportunity to arise and ready themselves. Failure, means that only the member on watch can react as they bane warriors enter the tomb.


Read the following aloud

A detachment of ghostly armored warriors make their way into the tomb. These are not the mindless undead you have met before, but something more. Each bears a massive wickedly serrated axe and passes through stones and obstacles as though they are not there. In their midst is a particularly brutal looking specimen. He has in each hand one of the same viciously barbed weapons. As it sees you a hollow screech passes through its lipless mouth. It drags the suddenly very corporeal weapons gratingly against the stone. Five sets of eyes fall upon you and the room grows conspicuously colder.  

Sent by a Lich Overseer that was watching the tomb, a scouting group of banes encounter the party. Whether they were sent to deal with the group or happened upon them by chance it is impossible for the PCs to know. The undead attempt to wipe out the group without mercy.

Meddlers skills.jpg

Enemy Tactics

Brutal and blunt, the warriors attack the closest living creature. Once half of his forces have been depleted the officer uses void bringer to renew his ranks. The Bane Warriors have no reason to give up or give in and will continue until destroyed.


Within the cavern are a number of relevant terrain features which could frustrate or facilitate the player’s combat. Oh, and don’t forget the bats.

Stalactites: These stone teeth are partially smooth on top with sufficient space for a person or creature to perch. A creature on the top of a stalactite is out of range of non-reach weapons used from the cavern floor. Stalactites are hardcover.

Platforms: Along one sidewall and the back of the cavern there are raised platforms. The back wall platform is five feet off the ground, while the sidewall platform is ten from the ground.  

Aqueduct: The opposite side of the chamber has a stonework aqueduct which is in disrepair. Either a STR 13 push or dealing 10 damage to the ARM 14 structure will cause it to collapse into the cavern. Any creature within 12’ of the aqueduct and on the innermost side will suffer a POW 12 auto-hitting knockdown attack. The resulting debris is treated as difficult terrain.


Once the Cryx Bane Warriors have been fought off the rest of the evening passes without incident. After the evening passes the crypt spider must be killed and its brain brought to Freitag for distilling. The first time the party leaves the cavern they can see the figure of a shrike flying back toward the river.

Bane Warrior Officer Stat Block.jpg

Bane Warrior Stat Block.jpg

Scene 2

Brewing… Please Wait…

Session Summary

With the grisly task accomplished, the party must now wait as Freitag and Alyss brew the necessary concoction. During the one day wait the party is asked to address a problem which has not occured in Fenrick’s March for generations, murder. Scene 2 is a murder mystery that the party is entrusted with addressing. Means, motive, and opportunity should be established before a suspect is formally convicted. Alyss suspects three individuals, but it has been so long since Fenrick’s March has had to deal with a murder that it would be better for the party to take on the investigation. She will trust the party’s findings and whoever is convicted will be executed. Each clue is left in triplicate to aid the party in their discovery. One suspect has the means, but lacks both motive and opportunity. A second will have the motive, but lack either the means or the opportunity. Only the third will have all three.

Narrative Encounter 3

Insert Ingredients

Having returned to Frietag with the crypt spider brain he thanks you and takes it upstairs to begin the alchemical concoction. As he walk through to the stairs going up, he ask you to see Alyss she has an important job for you and will then be assisting him in his brewing.

Read the following aloud

By now you are used to the lack of bird calls and animal sounds in the region surrounding Fenrick’s March. Walking back reminds you of this unusual feature. As you return to town you experience a moment of deja vu. Mist hangs thick in the air and a palatable tension weighs you down. For a moment you wonder if some new threat has invaded the hamlet, but then you suddenly come across a knot of villagers whispering among themselves. They glance in your direction and then return to their private conversation. Your party comes across two more groups like the first before arriving at Rhulstone Tower. Inside the inn at the lowest level are more pockets of villagers. The low murmur of voice has the sound of an ominous wind. Something has happened while you were away. Frietag sees you after a moment and waves you over. “Did you get the, ah, necessary ingredient?”

After a brief exchange with Frietag, he asks the party to go downstairs to see Alyss, she has some bad news. It is best that she tell them what happened in their absence.

Skill Encounter 3

Expect the Unexpected

Alyss tasks the party with solving a murder while her and Freitag complete the potion. She suggests they start at the scene of the crime. Wyatt Hurst was killed yesterday evening in his home. A large hammer used to break rocks was used on his head in his sleep. Wyatt was seen the evening before his death having a loud verbal confrontation with Orla Denby. A number of people witnessed this argument. One witness, Lon Alkott, saw a person with a slight build and a cloak wandering around late last night near Wyatt’s home. They were darting between buildings in a suspicious manner.

Alyss and Freitag must finish the device before the potion loses its effectiveness. She asks the party to investigate and will not question the findings of the party. Whoever is brought is sentenced to death. She will hastily scrawl a note with her signature which serves as a warrant so that others know the group are her assigned inspectors for this task.

Read the following aloud

“Something terrible has happened for the first time in a long time. While you were away a murder occurred.” Alyss’s stone cold face adds even more gravitas to the news. “Drunkards and dumb kids have been our only problems for decades. Frankly, I have no idea how to go about investigating and convicting someone of such a heinous act. The Marchers need to feel that appropriate measures have been taken to feel safe once again, at the same time I cannot risk being wrong. The potion is also losing it efficacy with each passing moment. Freitag and I must finish this device with the memories within this vial. Take this writ. It gives you full authority to determine who did this. Once you are ready to accuse someone, bring the information to me and we will put this unfortunate issue behind us. Soon we will be safe.”  

Without knowing the order or method the party will use to solve the crime, it is almost impossible to effectively outline the scene. Instead, the major Persons of Interest are identified along with the clues the party should come across. Even a few of the clues should be sufficient for uncovering the guilty person. As the outcome is not required to move forward with the adventure, merely be certain the group has a chance to find the correct killer.

Persons of Interest and Relevant Details:

Wyatt Hurst (Victim) – 65 years old, human. Killed with a heavy sledge in his home. Was seen in a loud argument with Orla Denby the evening before his demise. Encouraged Doyle Gilfin to do his duty and fight the Cryx during their initial assault. Doyle was subsequently captured and killed. Cara was in love with Doyle and blames his death on Wyatt. She seduced Reynard so that he could serve as a patsy.

Lon Alkott (Witness) – Militia man on patrol the night of the murder, is standing outside of Wyatt’s house to meet with whoever comes to solve the crime. He saw a slight of build figure moving between houses late last night. Figure had some kind of a stick or something he did not get a good look. He did hear that Orla Denby was seen arguing loudly with Wyatt the day before the murder. Really doesn’t know how to go about figuring a crime out.

Orla Denby (Suspect) – Small bent 80+ year old woman who uses a cane to get around. Seen by many in a loud argument about favors owed to her by Wyatt for services rendered sewing, cooking, and cleaning for him. Took refuge in Wyatt’s home during the Cryxian assault. Says good things about Wyatt because he urged a nervous young militia pup to go out to do his duty.

Doyle Gilfin (Person of Interest) – Deceased, was encouraged by Wyatt to do his duty and defend the village during the Cryxian attack. He was captured and killed. Cara Ainsworth was Doyle’s lover and killed Wyatt because she blames him for sending Doyle to his death.

Cara Ainsworth (Murderer) – Average height, slight of build. Serves in the militia. After some planning, seduced Reynard Falk, walked from his home to Wyatt’s in the dead of night, picked up Reynard Falk’s stone breaker on the way and with one blow shattered Wyatt’s skull in his sleep. Has some journal entries (it has been many days since the Cryx attack) in which she spills angry rants about Wyatt Hurst laying the blame for Doyle’s death solely at his feet.

Reynard Falk (Suspect) – Very tall, very broad, a stone mason. His hammer was used to kill Wyatt, he was at Rhulstone Keep drinking with friends, a series of I.O.U.s at the Inn confirms he was there until very late and was very drunk. When questioned he is heavily hung over and remembers little. Wyatt owes Reynard quite a bit of money for a large stone fence.

Additional Names if Needed – Bayden Lynch, Morgan MacAiden, Quinn Fagan, Ulfass Atwood


Wyatt’s House – The scene of the crime. Forensic Science TN:8 picks up the obvious, Wyatt was killed in his bed, more than likely by the large bloody sledgehammer which sits in the midst of the mess which was once his head. There is no sign of forced entry, nor is there any sign of a struggle. Forensic Science TN:14 finds the name “Reynard” etched into the bottom side of the hammerhead. It also finds an angry note written by Orla Denby demanding payment. Forensic Science TN:17 finds and deduces that the bag of coins in the bedside drawer probably wasn’t the goal of the murderer. In the same stack is a handwritten bill that says “don’t make me get Alyss involved” sent from Reynard Falk. 

Reynard’s House – Reynard has a terrible hangover from the night before from getting blackout drunk. Detection TN:8 notices a cloak wadded up and thrown into a corner. See Bloody Cloak below. He admits to owning a hammer and is shocked that it was the murder weapon. He does not remember bringing anyone home with him the night before, but a social skill TN:10 will help him remember blond hair which only a few villagers have. He hopes it was Morgan MacAiden cause he has had a thing for her for a while. Forensic Science TN:10 or Detection TN:12 will find a matching hair to that in the cloak on Reynard’s pillow.

Rock Sledge – Very heavy, Mechanikal Engineering TN:10 like the type used in stone breaking for masonry. Forensic Science TN:14 or Detection TN:16 etched on bottom side of hammerhead is the name Reynard. If clues are missed, Reynard will either see the hammer and call out for it or otherwise make known around town his favorite hammer is missing.

Social Skills – Reynard and Orla are open to questioning and success vs TN:10 will generally absolve them of the crime. Trying to find out who Reynard spent the evening requires a Social Skill TN:13 used with some of the witnesses at the tavern. Cara is less open, she resist with TN:15 to get information from her.

Rhulstone Tower – Frietag’s Nephew has I.O.U.s with progressively worse handwriting from Reynard at Rhulstone Tower from the evening in question. They do NOT cover the time of the murder. The nephew did not work last night, Frietag did and he is too busy with the potion to take questions beyond a quick answer of, “Yeah, da boy was there and kep drinkin’ and drinkin’.”

Bloody Cloak – Found at Reynard’s home with fresh blood splashed across its front, Forensic Science TN:12 or Detection TN:15 finds a blond hair in the hood of the same color and length as Cara. She is the only blond in town it matches, but no one will make that connection without a direct comparison.  

Cara’s Journal – In Cara’s home there is a journal in which there are quite a few entries that are rage-induced rants about Wyatt Hurst. Detection TN:14 to find the journal. Cryptography TN:12 to translate it from the simple cypher that she used.

Drunken Flirting – Wyatt was drinking with friends. Only one knows that he went home with Cara Ainsworth, the others were too drunk to remember who it was at all. Use a social skill roll to see if they can coax the memories of Wyatt’s friends. TN:13 to get Cara’s name, otherwise she is just “One of the blondes.”

Blondes in Town – Fenrick’s March has a few hundred residents, most have dark hair, but about 20 of the women are blond, 5 of those have short hair leaving 15 long blond haired women. A comparison of hair length will whittle the list down to three long-haired blondes. Cara does not show up and a social skill TN:13 is needed for someone to recognize she is not present. The others know nothing and have generally acceptable alibis. 

Truth be told, Alyss does not care if the real guilty party is executed or not. She wants the town to see swift a decisive action more than anything else. It has been so long since there was a murder that the people are not equipped to question the findings of those placed in positions of authority. The potion will be finished once the party brings forth the accused. She is not even entirely certain of the best way to execute the murderer. Instead, she asks the party for their advice allowing them to set the precedent for execution in Fenrick’s March. If they accuse Orla she will deny it loudly and often. If they accuse Reynard he will cry that he was blackout drunk and does not remember the night, but he doesn’t think it could have been him. If they accuse Cara she screams curses to Wyatt up until the very moment of her death.

Read the following aloud

“Well, that was certainly unpleasant business. Thank you for dealing with such a sticky issue. We are not used to crime of that caliber and are glad you were here to lend a hand. The potion is finished, but I am exhausted. Tomorrow I shall drink, delve into Favia’s memories and finish the device we so badly need in order to be safe once again. Obviously we must move quickly. Fenrick’s March is bending under the strain. A murder. A murder? We have not dealt with such violence among ourselves in decades.” She shakes her head and holds her temples between thumb and middle finger. You notice the faintest glimpse of a tear roll down her cheek.


For good or ill, the bad business of murder among the townsfolk has been settled. If she was not executed for the crime, Cara will commit suicide that evening. A note left behind says, Wyatt deserved to die. _______ did not. I killed him. Alyss covers up this incident and allows the cancer to be cut out. Alyss’s behavior in regard to this murder should hint at a coldness to her that might not have been fully expected by the party.

Our party has accomplished a great deal. They have brought to light the scandalous affair between people of separate faiths, captured and killed a monstrous creature, and addressed a disturbing crime of passion. The success of these activities is tempered by the knowledge that each has consequences. Whether they saved everyone and solved the crime perfectly or not, there is no longer the delusion of a safe, secluded hamlet far from outside trouble. Betilida’s acolyte will, with best intentions, write to the church about her relationship with the Menite ex-paladin and the process of replacing her will begin. There are always consequences.

Successfully solving the murder results in Fenrick’s March Disposition to increase by 1. Failure causes it to decrease by 1.

  • Saving the holy man and/or woman grants 1 XP each
  • Saving both holy people grants 1 bonus XP
  • Capturing the Crypt Spider in the first tomb grants 1 XP
  • Killing the Deathless Lord grants 1 XP
  • Successfully identifying Cara as the killer grants 1 XP

Appendix B

Combat Encounter A

The Hunted

Having failed to successfully navigate the wilds of Immorean the party discovers that they are being hunted by hungry Duskwolves. One chance to meet the beasts on even ground will be granted, otherwise the wolves will attack an hour after the party has bedded down for the night.

duskwolf monsters.jpg

When the PC fail their Navigation roll by 8 or more, Read the following aloud

You get turned around in your search for the old cemetery. Although it should have taken only a few hours at most dusk has begun to settle and you have a terrible suspicion that you are no longer alone on your trek. Whether that unsettling feeling is part of the mystique of this unusual region or bodes ill you cannot be certain.

Grant a Detection vs the Large Specimen Predator Duskwolf Sneak 10 (4 AGI + Rank 1 + 5 from Stealth granted by Prowl and Shadow Camouflage)

If the players successfully detect the Large Specimen Predator Duskwolf, she is placed 35’ (6”) away from the character in the rear of the group. The rest of her pack arrives at the top of the second round. If the players do not detect the Large Specimen Predator Duskwolf, the Male Duskwolf will lead the attack shortly after nightfall starting with its Unnerving Howl while the females move in from the flanks.

the hunted skills.jpg

Enemy Tactics

At the first opportunity the Duskwolf Male will release his Unnerving Howl and pounce into the middle of any dangerous looking opponents. Other wolves attack from the flanks targeting injured prey. Food is their only motivation and if the prey is too strong they will retreat.


Scattered bushes and difficult forest terrain around a small clearing. Any difficult terrain grants concealment and the bushes are dense enough to grant cover.


If the Large Specimen Predator Duskwolf is taken down the remaining wolves scatter, otherwise they will attack until she breaks off. She persists until she is reduced to 3 or fewer hit points at which point she flees to recover and seek out easier prey. Having fought off the attack, the party is free to continue their journey.

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