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Consequences – Part 1: The Blood of My Enemies

Fenrick’s March has been attacked by a Cryxian patrol which have found powerful Orgoth ruins. Players must face the Cryx and attempt to rescue captured militia members. Doing so starts them on a road to defending the now terrified hamlet.


War Gaming and Role Playing

War gaming and role playing games share a common history.  The development from games used for military training to a popular past time has been surprisingly quick. In a few decades historical reenactments took...


Tales from the Scrub Tier

Every year I count down the days until GenCon, excited for the adventures waiting to be experienced. Ten consecutive years have taught me that no two people go to the same convention. With more...


Warmachine MK3 and You

A Positive and Honest View of MK3 Warmachine We at Midwest Wargaming value positivity and inclusiveness in wargaming. We also value honest, thoughtful analysis. Sometimes it can be hard to see how all of...