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Be your best!

Time for something a little different than you normally see. Today I’m talking about the life aspects of the game. I hope you enjoy!


The Vast Array of Basing: Part I

 The Title of this should really be “Introduction to Hoarding” because, really, that’s what is about to happen if you want to build bases.      I assume that if you’ve clicked on this...


Introduction to Guildball: Part I – The Gist

  Think Rugby, but in a Gladiator stadium. A Captain, four players and a mascot. Your team, your fight. You know Dark Souls or Resident Evil? Did you know it has a board game?...


Facing the Farmers, Part 1

So with all the debate about Farmers lately, we’re talking about some tips, tricks, and model selections to look at when you play against them! Let us know about any things you guys have...