Brave Customs Officer Delayed Monsterpocalypse: Ultimately Fails to Save City

I never played the first wave of Monsterpocalypse. Despite wonderful reviews and a solid fan base it was not for me. Random boxes in miniature games were all the rage at the time and my rage was leveled at them. Magic: The Gathering should have just stayed in its lane and not infected the greater gaming industry…but that is a completely different post. This, oh this, is a look at the brand new and improved, dropping today, MONSTERPOCALYPSE! Some brave customs officer threw his or herself into the line of fire forcing the delay until today. These beasts cannot be stopped and more are coming!


GenCon is always my favorite place to find my next gaming fix. While there, two long and comparatively game-less months ago, it was this beautiful man that introduced me to the joy of building crushing beneath the bodies of kaiju inspired monstrosities! Oh a wonderful wizard Oz is! A quick demo sold me on the mechanics and one look at Brewgrosh (Cthugrosh sculpted by Doug Hamilton and the Beer-Swilling con-exclusive version by Marco Segovia) told me I must join the Destroyers. I have heard the call of the Lords of Cthul and into the madness, darkness, and tentacles I will descend. Today we CRUSH!

The good news following this issue is that the problem did NOT extend to the Lords of Cthul and Shadow Sun Syndicate which should release on schedule next week October 12th. Until my Squix, Meat Slaves, Task Master and Spitters arrive, Brewgrosh alone will try to finish breaking my sanity. Of course Agenda bias should not be shown too heavily as The Shadow Sun Syndicate launches as well led by Zor-Maxim with support from S-Type Shinobis, Interceptors, Sun Fighters, and Shadow Gates. So grab them if ninja warrior robots are your jam.

Perhaps you have an element of concern for humanity’s future and are drawn to the Defenders Agenda. G.U.A.R.D. fields the massive Defender X robot blaring heavy metal music from his knee speakers (that is cannon ask Dallas Kemp). The Shadow Sun Syndicate has the sleeker giant ninja suit tech in Zor-Maxim. Let’s just conveniently forget they are a criminal organization shall we? The Mesozoic Terrasaurs mysteriously left their hidden refuge to defend the earth. Terra Khan leads them from the wilds into civilization.

As for me and my house, we serve the Destroyers! The Lords of Cthul being my personal favorite with their tentacles and insanity and darkness and tentacles led by the Great and Terrible Cthugrosh! Martians join the Destroyers perhaps seeing an opportunity to migrate bringing the Ares Mothership to bear during Earth’s most perilous moments! Third of the Destroyers are Gorghadra and the reviled Planet Eaters accidentally summoned by humanity’s curiosity.

Whatever Agenda you follow: you, yes YOU, can reach out and crush someone!

Below is my Brewgrosh. Clean up was minimal, just a bit of flashing beneath a tentacle and one memorable mold line that took some extra attention. I indulged my inner Battletoad as I laid down the Cygnus Yellow and Gnarls Green base coats. Murderous Magenta tentacles become a nice purple with a wash of Exile Blue. Coal Black helped me deepen the shadows with a touch of Gnarls Green to keep it in the color family. BTW: Dallas is right, Coal Black has so much color in it! After too many failed attempts to blend the Necrotite Green highlight I went the easy route and dry brushed it on instead. Carnal Pink dry brushed highlights on the tentacles brought them up to code and blending down some Ember Orange and Skorne Red finished the wings and neck pouch. Overall a lot of fun to paint and I am so excited to get the units by his side.


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