Dealing With Impersonators (Silly Bob)


Sure they -seem- like your friend when they first appear. Being all cool and nonchalant about life and the doom and gloom of warfare. You think to yourself, “Silly Bob from accounting! Why are you in the hot zone?” Then you lose sight of him and you think to yourself again, “Huh, I hope he’s okay. Hopefully he doesn’t get hit by a stray bullet”. A couple minutes pass, your mind’s still lingering on poor Bob’s fate and then you feel a sharp pain in your back with a soft whisper in your ear “The Old Man in the Mountain sends his regards”. You only have a few minutes left to process what just happened, so you scream to the skies, “DARN YOU IMPERSONATORS!!!” Now you’re dead. GAME OVER.

Are impersonators giving you trouble like the fictitious you from the above story? It’s time you learned a few tricks and tips to help you combat those pesky rascals! Remember folks, once an Impersonator’s revealed, they’re usually pretty easy to take out! The tricky part is minimizing the amount of damage they inflict during their ‘unveiling’.


Biometric Visors

Sure, the obvious counter to an Impersonator’s the biometric visor; however, not everyone’s fortunate enough to have one of these easily accessible. The first level allows you to ignore any negative modifiers to discover an Impersonator and allows you to ignore any negative modifiers an Impersonator would impose on you by shooting at you or attacking in close combat. The second level also grants you a +3 to discover them on top of what the first level does (they also work the same for Holoprojectors, but this article is only about Impersonators).

Honestly, if you’re worried about Impersonators, then the biometric visor is something you should definitely invest in…if your faction has them.


Suppressive Fire

A soft-counter, but when you see them coming, nothing can quite prepare you like readying your gun and being prepared to blast away that suspicious accountant running around. If you know they’re coming, don’t be afraid to drop a couple of troops into suppressive fire near them and then watch as the Impersonator squirms! Is it worth eating 6 shots to simply take out one target? Would it be wiser for them to move around and try to avoid the suppression fire zones? Who knows, but the ball’s in their court now and they have a whole lot of tough choices to make.


Mines and Minelayer

You can’t ARO to an Impersonation marker by dropping a mine, but you can use mines to block off choke points where you suspect they’ll move and reveal through. Do note, a mine will NOT trigger on an Impersonation marker, only once they reveal will a mine blow up (i.e. if they shoot or attack).

A wise thing to do is to place mines near your crucial troops that you know the marker will be attacking or shooting (preferably in front, so the marker can’t use your own troop to block it, since mines never trigger with friendlies in the blast area). Minelayer is a great way to do this, especially if you’re going second. If you have an obvious Lt, you can use the Minelayer to drop a mine right in front of your Lt. and keep the enemy at bay. Sure, it’s kind of a soft counter to the issue, but anything’s better than nothing!


Discover and Delay

Point being, make sure you setup your troops with overlapping lines of sight. If Bob swings around the corner, have the further, less juicier model discover while the higher priority, closer model should delay. You’ve now put the Impersonator in a sticky situation: do they reveal and get a free shot on the model who declared the discover only to be shot by the delayed model, or do they hope your discover doesn’t succeed and they keep moving forward?

Unfortunately, the initial discover is at a WIP – 6 roll, so you more than likely won’t succeed and once you attempt a discover, you can’t attempt another one until your next turn. More than likely, they’ll keep moving, if they’re in IMP-1 state, if they’re in IMP-2 (no penalties to discover), they’ll probably reveal and shoot.

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