Battle Reports for “Video Gamer” 03/04/18

This is the battle report for the first real on the mat test for “Video Gamer”. So my opponent decide to build a list based on how he understood the articles I wrote about Squad Building. We’ll take a quick look at the list then talk about how it worked.

My Opponent:

B/SF-17 Bomber, Crimson Squadron Pilot – 25

  • Accuracy Corrector – 3
  • Targeting Synchronizer – 3
  • Crossfire Formation – 2
  • Total: 33

Y-Wing, Dutch Vander – 23

  • Chopper – 1
  • Extra Munitions – 2
  • Bomb Loadout – 0
  • Twin Laser Turret (TLT) – 6
  • Guidance Chips – 0
  • Seismic Charge – 2
  • Total: 34

T-70, Red Squadron Veteran – 26

  • R2 Astromech – 1
  • Pattern Analyzer (PA) – 2
  • Push the Limit (PTL) – 3
  • Integrated Astromech – 0
  • Total: 32

Match 1

My Opponent clustered in one corner away from the Debris field. I flanked with the Sienar Specialist, and lined up to Joust with Vynder and Maarek.

Rebels set to Take on “Video Gamer

So I decided to be a little aggressive with Vynder and Slammed up to be able to attack the bomber as it was the only thing that could shoot back currently from the opening moves. Took a shield gave it a stress and basically started to dictate the game from that point onwards.

The bomber is stuck in a tight spot, he attempts a 2 Turn. Issue was he didn’t judge how wide his own base was and didn’t clear Vynder completely who was bumping him from turn 2. Now stuck, the Bomber left no room for Dutch who would have no choice but to bump and be denied actions. Maarek would move past the Red Squadron Veteran then then barrel roll into a lane to be able to get Dutch at Range 1 but Dutch could only get to Range 2 in Arc, but range 1 out of arc thus denied using his TLT.

The bomber and Dutch got burned down in a matter of turns. Some poor spacing and then not being able to maneuver in a way to get himself clear of himself .My opponent conceded staring at a 3 on 1 and very much out of position to effectively get back into the fight.

I’ve lost Dutch, I’m about to lose the Bomber I need Help!


Match 2

So a Rematch was done. Some different alignments by my opponent saw me Flank with the Sienar and Vynder  to his right and then Maarek still offering a target to the left. He kept Dutch to the Right of his Bomber and the X-wing came to the left.

My Opponent was not so willing to charge the list this time. Playing a bit more coy. However a Slam covering 8 Ship lengths allowed a Range 3 Shot with the Flechette Cannon on the X-wing. Again an early damage and Stress and no return shot from the X-wing, who was turned slightly away from Vynder and more towards Maarek.

Next turn he turns the X-wing right towards Vynder and initially lining up a R1 Shot. A soft 2 bank by the Sienar moved him a bit away and at an angle but able to still get range on either the 0 Maneuvered Bomber or the X-wing. Dutch tried to swing in but was still too far away for a target lock. Maarek came up on a bank and was in a position to shoot Range 1 on the bomber. Vynder turned and was R1 with the X-wing, not liking the exchange I slammed again past the X-wing and into R1 with the stressed bomber.

With shooting the Bomber is given a second stress by Vynder. Then Maarek shoots and gets a critical hit through. Using his skill Maarek selects Stunned Pilot. That big boat will now have to navigate the debris and my ships without bumping or take additional damage. The X-wing takes 2 damage from the TLT. Vynder did lose 2 shields from Dutch’s TLT.

Midgame Madness

Crimson Bomber has to move and bumps into Maarek taking a damage, but clears stress. The Aggressor swooped up further then barrel rolled to clear the K turn path of Maarek. Dutch having to avoid a bump turned out and away. Vynder swung around and then slammed right up into Dutch. Maarek ran up to his spot and took a focus just in case. 4 More damage into the Bomber. The Specialist and Dutch traded TLT shots. The X-wing out of position has to Talon Roll then boost to get back into the fight.

The bomber ends up doing a 0 maneuver creating a block situation. He banks 1 with the X-wing but targets the Sienar instead of Maarek. Maarek does indeed bump and Dutch and Vynder both do 1 banks but with different angels space is created and Vynder ends up with a R1 Shot using his Mangler Cannon. Maarek shoots a Dutch from range 3 which strips  a regenerated shield. Vynder then hits Dutch with two hits and a critical. Removing all shields from Dutch. The Bomber is hit and drops to 1 with TLT shots.

Dutch has to turn either left or right due to the Map Edge, he turned right away from Vynder. The bomber does a 1 strait to clear the stress again. The X-wing turns towards the Sienar Specialist. Maarek gives chase to Dutch. Vynder does not continue the chase on Dutch. Instead Vynder turns back towards the center of the board, and slams and getting a shot on the X-wing. Finishing the X-wing before he can shoot the Aggressor dow, however the bomber finally get the Aggressor. Maarek was only able to get a couple of hits through on Dutch.

The Bomber has to hard turn to avoid hitting Vynder and just exploding. Vynder turns up and back towards Dutch and then slams to Range 1. Maarek also seeing what was happening followed Dutch around and both had range 1. Dutch is shot down. The Bomber  ran after that only to be caught by Vynder by Slamming to take a final shot with his Flechette Cannon.

Final Thoughts

“Video Gamer” did what I expected created some target priority issues, was solid defensively and dictated to a small degree where and how things were going to happen. I’m going to post thoughts on the other list and offer an alternative based on what my opponent wanted to capitalize on.



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