Author: Casey Shelangoski


Radical Inquisitor #1

Something were all guilty of as hobbyists is setting lofty hobby goals, and failing to achieve them. Whether the goals themselves are too lofty, lack of motivation, or lack of time, I often find...

Deepwars by Antimatter Games Review 1

Deepwars by Antimatter Games Review

Today we’re going to take a look at Antimatter Games DeepWars, a 28mm miniature war  game of underwater combat set in an alternate Earth in the 17th Century. I’d like to give a shout...


Aggressor:Recon Review

  Today I’m going to talk about Aggressor:Recon, a new game from Critical Snail Studios. Aggressor is a 28mm sci-fi miniature wargame set in the 23rd century. The game details the struggles of humans...