Announcing Lecture Notes From the Breach

Good morning, Midwest Wargamers!

I have good news, and bad news.

In my opinion, the bad news is that I don’t have a Malifaux battle report for you this week. But stay tuned, because battle reports will continue next Wednesday, covering a Shifting Loyalties campaign which has just started up here in the Twin Cities!

Now for the good news! In my first battle report, I announced there would be a new Malifaux podcast here at Midwest Wargaming, and we’re pleased to announce that the first episode of that is ready to release to the public! In fact, you can click on it in the sidebar, or the menu bar, or even head straight to it right here.

Our goal with this podcast is to help people improve their Malifaux skills, by publicly exposing two of our fellow Midwest Wargamers as they embark on a journey through the Breach and into the wonderful world of Malifaux.

So join me, our ‘expert’ Henchman Joseph ‘Eldmor’ Menear, and our Fresh off the Train noobs Derek ‘Ergonomic Cat’ Kupper and Flynn ‘Flynnt’ Massanes for Lecture Notes from the Breach!

First up: Intros, a Henchman Hardcore breakdown, two batreps, and a discussion (mostly late, now) of Divergent Paths!

If you have any questions you’d like us to cover, or helpful and constructive feedback, please email us at lecturenotesfromthebreach AT gmail DOT com!

We’d also appreciate it if you’d like us on Facebook, follow us on Soundcloud, or even follow us on Twitter!

Thank you all, very much!

Alex Vian

A reformed Warhammer Fantasy player based in the Twin Cities, Alex plays Malifaux, Guild Ball, X-Wing, and Armada. He also is the host of the Malifaux Tactics podcast here at Midwest Wargaming: Lecture Notes from the Breach

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