Alpharion’s Hobby Review – Fallout Hobbies

I figured I would break away from the usual and do a bit of reviewing of the instruments and tools I have come across while enjoying this hobby. My goal with this series of articles is to show you both the pro’s and con’s of each product, and why I like or dislike it.

This first review features Fallout Hobbies, specifically their airbrush stencils. I recently started an Astra Militarum force as part of an escalation league at my FLGS. I needed a scheme I could paint very quickly yet still look crisp and clean. I had been toying with the idea of doing an all digital camo army, but the thought of painting that gave me nightmares. I began talking to friends and doing a little searching online and eventually found Fallout Hobbies. Reading the reviews on their products and checking their facebook page really sold me on their product. Plus at only $10 per stencil I didn’t have much to lose.

Shipping took just a little bit longer than I would have liked (12 days in total). But then again, this is a small company and not some huge global entity. When it did arrive the stencils were in a stiff envelope that protected them from my rougher than average mailman. Each stencil came sealed in a tall ziploc bag which included the vinyl stencil and a card that gave detailed instructions on proper use and care of the stencil. Now I must admit that you will have to be very careful when removing the stencil from its backing as you do not want to tear it, but if you go slow there should not be any problems. At first I was concerned that the stencil may pull some paint off as it was stickier than blue painters tape. I did a test run on the underside of a Valkyrie and there were no problems.

I started painting by laying down the base coat with my airbrush. After that dried thoroughly I applied the stencil for the first time. One thing they mention on their instruction sheet is to make sure that when you apply the stencil is adheres completely. If you don’t you will not achieve the nice crisp lines the stencils can provide. Another tip is to make sure your paint is not too thin when it is applied, as this can lead to seepage underneath the stencil and negatively impact the adhesiveness. I will admit there is a slight learning curve in applying these stencils, and I often reapplied them several times before painting to make sure I had the best fit. Even with all of my trial and error on application the stencils held up well.

I do not always get the amount of hobby time I would prefer, so being able to do things fast is a must for me. After becoming acquainted with the stencils on the first Valkyrie, I was able to complete the second Valkyrie in 30 minutes. Most of that time was letting paint dry and cleaning the airbrush between colors.




  • Price – Hard to beat $10 for a stencil that is flexible and holds up well to extended use.
  • Durability – After all the wear and tear I put on them through painting the Valkyries the stencil still performs as if it is brand new.
  • Speed – Allows for quick completion of large models.
  • Packaging – I sell and trade things frequently online and one thing I cannot stand is a poorly packaged product. They get 5 stars from me as they did everything they could on their end to ensure safe transit.


  • Trying to use it on anything but a flat or rounded surface can be tricky. Definitely takes time to get that figured out.

Overall I am very pleased with the results, and will definitely be purchasing products from them again! I encourage you to check out their website as they have other great products as well.

Final Rating – 5/5



Hey all, Alpharion here. I picked up wargaming back in veterinary school as a way to relax and forget the stresses that comes with being a veterinary student. Since then I've enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm for this hobby with anyone who cares to listen. I look forward to sharing any, and everything, GW with you all!

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