A Busy Crew of Privateers

Every year I count down the days until GenCon, excited for the adventures waiting to be experienced. Ten consecutive years have taught me that no two people go to the same convention. With more than 17,000 events to choose from, your adventure is entirely unique from everyone else’s. Over the next few days my posts will share some of what I did between Wednesday at 1pm and Sunday at noon of GenCon 2018. Is it August 1st yet?

One of my greatest joys of GenCon is being able to meet with the designers and producers of the games I love. Privateer Press happens to be my favorite company and the Wednesday night before GenCon The RAM hosts a keg tapping party in their honor. An annual special limited batch brew is offered and this year World Destroyer coffee infused stout was on tap. Bigger news than the fabulous beer was Matt Wilson’s surprise announcement earlier on Wednesday and what the Pirates of the West Coast are hauling back to shore.

I asked Will Shick Director of Business and Brand for details, then promptly forgot most of it because coffee-infused stout.

So Friday rolled around and Shick was milling, I mean working, around the booth. Surrounded by boxes of Monsterpocalypse, he shared the details one more time.

Coming January 2019 is a brand new Mini-crate line from Privateer Press in partnership with Fantasy Flight Games producing a line of characters from Legend of the Five Rings! Here is Matt Wilson joined by Dallas Kemp making the announcement if you missed it the first time.

The short version is: Togashi Yokuni looks absolutely killer! A dynamic pose! Excellent details! Even someone like me outside of the L5R universe can appreciate such a great model!

Getting in on this miniature subscription service will have exclusive characters from the L5R universe sent straight to your door. Just like the current Mini-crate line, customers can drop in and out to grab a must have model or stay for six months straight for an even more exclusive VIP seventh figure (a Naga Hunter for the first run). Crab and Lion clan champions are on the schedule with more to be announced. Don’t sleep on a favorite champion though, because Mini-crate is a one run and done service. Only a handful of overrun stock will be available. Once the month passes, so too will that figure fade into legend. The goal is to see more monsters from that universe modeled as well. All this because Matt Wilson was art director of Legend of the Five Rings as one of his first jobs in the gaming industry. Fans of L5R and hobby miniaturists alike are in for a real treat in a few short months.

So long as there were no natural ones on perception checks, you noticed I mentioned boxes of Monsterpocalypse. Pre-released at GenCon 2018 was a brand new reimagining of Privateer Press’s 2008 collectable miniature game. This time around, Monpoc is a hobby game with more streamlined rules and killer new sculpts! Two starter boxes were available, one featuring World Eaters from the Destroyers Agenda and one with the best the G.U.A.R.D. corporation has to offer for the Protectors. As an added bonus we were blessed with a beefcake model (so long as you are into beer guts and tentacles) of Brewgrosh an alternate sculpt by Doug Hamilton for Cthugrosh of the Lord of Cthul Agenda releasing in October. The Shadow Sun Syndicate Agenda will join the October wave. I bought a Brewgrosh sculpt and grabbed Shick for his thoughts.

Shick loves the memories Monsterpocalypse evokes of watching Kaiju movies with his dad as a kid and anime during his teens. Unlike Warmachine and Hordes, Monsterpocalypse is much less of a lifestyle game. Meant to be a palate cleanser, Monpoc is intentionally designed as a light, one-hour engagement. With a limited set of monsters and the strategic element of adding specialty buildings during setup, the work of Monpoc happens on the table. While the immensely deep and ever deepening line of Warmachine Hordes models calls for research and practice, Monsterpocalypse specializes in pushing around stompy robots and monsters and scratching the hobby wargame itch without the full commitment. The booth was filling up so I said my goodbyes and delved deeper into the adventure that is GenCon.

Not one to sleep on a good thing, the Saturday of GenCon (two days after release) featured a 20-person, paint on the models Monpoc tournament. And you say hobby time is hard to find!

So many other great GenCon moments took place last weekend and while I am thrilled about the tabletop wargaming coming out of the holds of the Privateer Press ships there was even more to see and share.


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