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Have You Heard of Our Lord, Solthecius?

The Supreme Order of Solthecius? Pfft, those lads have some gall floating around a lofty name like that. To watch them strust around the pitch with all their airs, I think they believe it...


The New Age of Science: Season 4 Alchemists

Hey everyone! My name is Dillon Byrne, and through perseverance rather than any actual skill, I’ve managed to find myself ranked the third best Alchemists player in the US. With those mediocre qualifications out...


So Many Damage Numbers: Butchers Season 4

To start off. I’m Ryan Bega, a GB player and pundit from Minnesota, and I’ve been playing the butchers religiously for a little over 2 years. Miraculously and probably undeservedly, I’m also the number...